Curlewis Parks Estate | Drysdale: Stage 1 & 2

Curlewis Parks Estate could have been another unremarkable residential estate development yet it is testament to the collaborative endeavours of all stakeholders that a remarkable landscape has been delivered. Infinity Landscape Architects excelled in terms of extending the original client brief through all stages of the development by:

  • Presenting high quality built landscapes that clearly differentiated this estate from others where the hand of the landscape architect is less evident;
  • Engaging with Aboriginal, Wathaurong, culture in the design including the incorporation of artistic treatments, interpretative expressions, and the use of indigenous and Wathaurong-relevant plants that provide a clear and unique identity to the estate;
  • Cross-referencing spaces through interpretive signage dialogue;
  • Creating linkages and connectivity;
  • Providing spaces within spaces to support a range of experiences including both active and passive and pursuits;
  • Providing unique opportunities to participate, learn and foster appreciation.