Curlewis Parks Estate | Drysdale: Stage 3 & 4

Infinity Landscape Architects’ Director Scott Munro consulted with the local Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative to deliver several Aboriginal-inspired landscape designs within each parkland including Stages 3 & 4 which feature an Aboriginal-themed playground and an Aboriginal fish trap. The Curlewis Parks Estate project was warmly received by the Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative, who provided valuable insights, referrals and advice. The Wathaurong’s spirit has been captured in the shapes, forms, colours, textures and locations of the final installations.

In reviewing the designs, City of Greater Geelong said:

“This is the first project which seeks to integrate artwork into a play space since the adoption of the new Playground Strategy. We would support more of its kind, especially as it seeks to marry stories of place, environment, heritage and interpretation with children’s play. We see this as being an important strategy in relation to new communities in open field developments by promoting connection with place and awareness and care for the environment.”